Florida For Medicinal Marijuana

Today on Grassroots Marketing we are live at USCC Expo in Miami Florida, and we are speaking to Bill Monroe, the acting Director of Operations 3 Boys Farm and board member of Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana. He transferred his knowledge and skills gained from 25 years in the defense communications industry working with the Harris Corporation, and nine years in the United States military as a technical trainer and curriculum developer on highly technical weapon systems over to the medical marijuana industry.

william monroe

Bill’s blogs include Florida for Medicinal Marijuana with more than 29,000 readers and the Florida Cannabis and Cultivators group with 2,600 readers. Bill debated both lobbyist Barney Bishop in Tallahassee and Dr. Jennifer Spencer on Amendment two and medical marijuana. He has been involved in Florida’s medical marijuana program since 2013, working with members of the house and senate, license holders, physicians, patients, Office of Medical Marijuana, and patient support groups.