Marijuana is not the cure for Cancer – Did Tommy Chong Say That?

Marijuana is not the cure for Cancer – Did Tommy Say That?

Tommy Chong returned from speaking at the 45th Annual HashBash in Ann Arbor, Michigan over the weekend.

Marijuana is not the cure for Cancer

Tommy made some bold comments whereby he credits marijuana not for curing him of prostate and rectal cancer, but instead for restoring his appetite during chemotherapy as he rebuilt his strength with weight lifting.

Tommy and Paris discuss the different ways of getting cancer through smoking and how celebrities cope with the news when they learn that they have cancer.

While on the road at HashBash, they sampled truffle balls and other cannabis-laced delicacies, and spoke with some of the growers who are concerned by what might happen with Michigan Marijuana Legislation and how things will change once the universities will be soon be able to do marijuana research.

Finally, they look into the newly surfaced Panama Papers. A group of global news organizations published articles this week based on a trove of leaked confidential documents from a law firm in Panama. They exposed how some of the world’s most powerful people were said to have used offshore bank accounts to conceal their wealth or avoid taxes.

The documents, known as the Panama Papers, named international politicians, business leaders and celebrities in a web of unseemly financial transactions, according to the articles, and raised questions about corruption in the global financial system. Many of the figures named in the leak have denied in the strongest terms that they had broken any laws.