Hearing Aids and the Effects of Performing On Stage

Hearing Aids & Tommy Chong

Hearing Aids are prescribed for Tommy and he tells Paris about how he got a CAT Scan and learned that he needed to be fitted with expensive hearing aids. Paris and Tommy investigate if recording and performing music live and on stage might have had something to do with it.

Hearing Aids

Paris then leads the conversation to talk about stand up comedians like Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock, Richard Pryor and even Cheech Marin and all the writing and the leg work done to create their live performances.  They also talk about how all of the legendary venues are fading away and new clubs are taking their place.

The guys also talk about the ongoing theories swirling around the Panama Papers about why no Americans have been tied in, and they discuss their plans on traveling to the Cochella Music Festival. Make sure you tune in and share it with some of your friends.