Donald Trump And Racism In America

Donald Trump And Racism In America

Donald Trump and Racism In America is the hot topic of the week as Tommy Chong and his son Paris discuss the aftermath of recent protests at a number of rallies being held by the 2016 Presidential Candidate.

They analyze how Donald Trump has been creating a platform of negative energy…and manipulating the media in order to keep the spotlight on him as well as keeping his supporters in line with his message. Donald Trump And Racism In America

Tommy looks back at racism on blacks that he has witnessed growing up in Calgary and while he was incarcerated. Plus, they look at satire in the media and compare how the new faces of late night TV, (Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee and Jay Leno) have changed and how they compare to their predecessors (Jon Stewart and Johnny Carson).

The guys pull no punches as the show takes off and then they dive deep into their discussion on racism. Trump was obviously the inspiration for this episode. These Bernie fans let it fly from the get go. Log in, check it out and make sure you share it with your friends.



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