An Exclusive Tommy Chong Tell All About His Battle with Cancer – Episode #1

An Exclusive Tommy Chong Tell All About His Battle with Cancer

Rectal Cancer and how Tommy Chong learned how he got diagnosed while performing on Dancing with the Stars. Tommy and Paris Chong discuss how Tommy had to deal with the pain without the aid of marijuana inside the operating room, and the awkward situations that family helped him with that included lots and lots of packing tape.

This episode is an in-depth look at the journey of the Cannabis Industry Icon and what he and his family went through to get to this side of the battle. The side that allowed Tommy Chong to be back in the game, at full stride and doing what he does best. Getting high while educating the world about the safety and efficacy of this incredible plant we call cannabis.

Tommy Chong

This is the Cancer episode, and there is a bit of a tell all which includes some very personal things that Tommy went through while working on Dancing with the Stars.

This is the most personal you’ll ever see Tommy Chong…

Also with the Oscars being given out this week, Tommy shares some stories about being awards presenters at the Oscars, and rubbing elbows with the likes of Johnny Carson and Mel Gibson. Finally, Tommy gives his take on the diversity controversial surrounding the Oscars this year and how Chris Rock handled the hosting duties.

You can read more about Tommy and his personal life on his Wikipedia Page.