Veterans For Homegrown Medicine

Veterans For Homegrown Medicine

Veterans for homegrown medicine with R Gage Amsler, the author of The Strains of War, joins Robert Roundtree for the second appearance on The Marijuana Solution. While on tour in Afghanistan, with snow lightly covering the Hindu Kush region, Gage and his team spot a handful of beautiful cannabis plants that were chock full of seeds.

The genetics are now back in the US and being developed for release as free clones to veterans for homegrown medicine. This is an hourlong podcast that every veteran and cannabis enthusiast must listen to. We will continue to have Gage back on in the future. The pictures below are the ones that Gage speaks about during the podcast.

Veterans for homegrown medicine

The Strains Of War: Could Cannabis Be the Cure to Combat PTSD? The Strains of War Is the Provoking New TRUE STORY Release by a Veteran Struggling to Cultivate a Cure and Recover from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. A soldier going to war knows to expect the unexpected, and R.’Doc’ Gage Amsler encountered a lot of expected and unexpected trauma during his time in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan working in/in support of the United States military forces. But he also stumbled upon a legendary cure hidden in the mountains along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan – the Hindu Kush. He’d heard plenty about this mystical strain of cannabis working as a long time medic… but how much of it was true? Could this particular strain really be the salvation to PTSD? Could he cultivate it? Could he even get it home safely?

BUY The Strains of War BOOK This is a must read. The second book is coming out soon.

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