The Legalization Front Of Florida

The Legalization Front Of Florida

The legalization front of Florida Michael Minardi, Chairman of Regulate Florida, champion of patients rights and defender of cannabis freedom. Michael joins The Marijuana Solution podcast to discuss the legalization front of Florida, and how you can get involved. Michael C. Minardi is the Senior Partner at Minardi Law. For over 15 years, Michael has dedicated his practice to fighting for clients charged with cannabis crimes. His passion has driven him to learn and understanding medical cannabis laws in the State of Florida and throughout the country.

The Legalization Front Of Florida

Michael’s practice represents clients in corporate cannabis consulting, application preparation, lobbying, forfeiture matters, and criminal matters. He has won many medical cannabis cases, including several landmark high-profile cases in Florida. He won the first and second jury trials in Florida presenting the medical necessity defense to cultivation and possession of cannabis charges. Michael has represented many patients, including over a dozen veterans, facing charges for using marijuana as medicine. He successfully defended Kristoffer Lewandowski in Oklahoma, a ten-year marine veteran, who was facing two-years to life in prison for five plants.

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