Nugtopia, #1 Cannabis Art Brand’s Dir of Operations Kyle Trent

Nugtopia, #1 Cannabis Art Brand’s Dir of Operations Kyle Trent

Kyle Trent joins Robert Roundtree on another amazing episode of The Marijuana Solution. He runs the daily operations of the best cannabis art brand in the game, Nugtopia. Nugtopia is a brand built around the incredible strain artwork of Kyle’s brother, Kole Trent. Kole was previously a guest on The Marijuana Solution. Below is a personal bio from Kyle to all of you.


Hello, cannabis community. My name is Kyle Trent and I am the brother of Nugtopia creator Kole Trent. I grew was born in Baltimore Maryland but grew up predominantly in Merritt Island Florida. I run daily operations for Nugtopia as well as his growing number of Trent Art Gallery’s. While trying to pursue my passion for helping people, Kole pulled me out of Nursing school when I was 22 to pursue our dream of just that. Our goal initially was to help our mother and just from that spark we are now able to help people all over the globe with our spread of cannabis awareness. Thank you all for the love and support!

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