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Misrepresented Marijuana Solution. Rick Naya and Chris Sunshine join Robert Roundtree for an incredible podcast that sheds light on the recent article on Gainesville Green that was run in the Gainesville Sun . Rick Naya, and myself, Robert Roundtree were misrepresented. Find out the truth from the creator of Gainesville Green, Rick Naya.

Read this article from the Gainesville Sun first do you know what the allegations are and the attempt at dividing this industry.

Rick Naya will be joining Sunshine Cannabis at the Gainesville Green launch party in Gainesville Florida at the Heartwood Soundstage. The TruPOD is available exclusively at Trulieve’s 26 dispensaries around the state has been extremely popular since the initial launch. Vaporize to Legalize with Sunshine Cannabis and Trulieve.

Chris Sunshine announces that the company will be doubling down on its commitment to legalization. Going forward 20% of all Gainesville Green proceeds will be donated to Regulate Florida. Vaporize to Legalize with Sunshine Cannabis and Trulieve.

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Sunshine Cannabis has a new Sunshine Kush TruPOD and Sunshine Gold Trustick available at Trulieve and Gainesville Green now Available!

A portion of ALL proceeds will go to the Regulate Florida legalization movement so you can GROW YOUR OWN, and small businesses can open.

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