Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors

Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors

Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors with Victoria Walker from Trulieve. Victoria joins Robert Roundtree on The Marijuana Solution Podcast to discuss the community outreach program she oversees.  Trulieve has been at the forefront of the Florida medical marijuana programs evolution. Victoria and the division in Trulieve that she oversees is ground zero for engaging patients and physicians.  The outreach being conducted with Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors provides valuable two-way feedback between the doctors and dispensary.

Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors

Victoria Walker is the head of marketing for Trulieve. She said the deal will allow the company to sell products with Love’s Oven branding. “And a partnership in their expertise in making edibles. In Florida, we’re a vertical medical marijuana system, which means everything we sell in our stores has to be produced in Florida.” Walker says the partnership with out-of-state edibles will allow the company to get products to patients quicker once rules are in place. He said Trulieve’s move could be a brinksmanship strategy to get medical marijuana patients to put pressure on lawmakers


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