Commissioner of AG Nikki Fried Announcing a Hemp CBD Crackdown in Florida

Commissioner of AG Nikki Fried Announcing a Hemp CBD Crackdown in Florida

Commissioner of AG Nikki Fried Announcing a Hemp CBD Crackdown in Florida. Florida Politics published an article that set the Florida cannabis industry on fire. Specifically the unlicensed and unregulated Hemp CBD industry. The article was titled Nikki Fried may soon target stores selling CBD oil. This sent the advocates into a frenzy online with many calling for investigations and the states most prominent lawyer, Michael Minardi, announcing plans for a lawsuit on behalf of the CBD industry. We first broke the news of her intent to send out cease and desist letters on January 7th in this episode.

Commissioner of AG Nikki Fried

Commissioner Fried is one of the most popular and frequent guests on The Marijuana Solution, and she has joined us again to discuss exactly what her office intends to do. Everyone that’s following the industry knows about the rampant fraud that’s in the unregulated CBD market. Everyone from patients purchasing products, retailers wholesale buying packaged brands, white labelers buying raw materials have been ripped off. The state of Florida has been testing products on shelves for quite some time and many of the products make false claims to the amount of cbd, some products contain way over the legal limit of thc, and some products actually contain other substances that are not disclosed like Kratom, Bath Salts, Melatonin.

These types of reports have been covered by local state media, and even ConsumerReports.comAlthough there are many great players and thousands of Floridians getting relief, there are an unusual amount of bad actors and patients getting ripped off because of a lack of regulations. Florida is in the process of passing hemp legislation and once a bill is signed into law there will be a legal pathway for everyone from small farms to big ag to get a license and be involved. Commissioner Fried is not planning on shutting the industry down, she understands that there are many Floridians getting relief from hemp CBD. Her intent is to provide a legal way for companies to do business at all facets of the industry and provide the regulations necessary to ensure product safety and accuracy of claims.

Hemp Legislation

Sen. Rob Bradley, R-Fleming Island, whose district includes parts of Clay and Baker counties, filed the bill, SB 1020. It has passed the first obstacle in the Florida Senate. Read this article to find out more.

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