Episode 6 – Oregon’s Golden Cannapreneur – William Simpson, CEO at Golden Leaf Holdings

In this week’s episode of The Green Rush, Lewis and Anne speak with Oregon’s own William Simpson, CEO of Golden Leaf Holdings (OTCQB: GLDFF) and Founder of Chalice Farms. During their conversation, William discusses Golden Leaf’s innovative, vertically-integrated platform, the national debate around opioids, why cannabis may be a potential solution and the challenges of taking over a public company in a highly regulated industry.

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William Simpson founded Chalice Farms turning the company into one of the leading cannabis brands and retail dispensary chains in Oregon. After experience with the communications industry, mortgage business and venture capital funding start-ups, William became involved in Oregon’s medical marijuana industry. He designed and installed numerous grows in the Pacific Northwest and started The Green Future Garden Hydroponics LLC  in 2009, which included a consulting element focused on building-out dozens of state-of-the-art grow facilities. In 2013, William received a license to open-up one of Portland’s first medical marijuana retail locations, the Powell House Cannabis Club. The following year he launched the Chalice Farms brand along with updating the dispensary to the new brand platform. William leveraged this early experience in the medical marijuana industry to develop innovative manufacturing, sales and marketing practice for the Chalice Farms brands and retail platforms.


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