Russ Belville Show Best of 2016 Highlights

The Russ Belville Show highlights some of the most memorable moments in 2016 from the program including interviews in studio and on-location.

Kevin Sabet's UN Presentation

Hm, Kevin, looks like that marijuana prohibition STILL doesn’t work!

Best of 2016 – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Admits MedMJ Use
Data Mining: Shooting down the Keep Pot Expensive plea
Science: Dr. Carl Hart on Crack and Meth
Interview: Alexis Bortell, child MedMJ activist
Music: Seattle Hempfest 2016 – Groovin’ Higher Orchestra (Vehicle)
Event: Texas Marijuana March with A King of Elvii, Afro-Redneck, and Texas Wellness
Interview with Jamaican Activists at the United Nations
Best Sports Interviews: Jim McMahon, Cliff Robinson, and Marvin Washington