Puerto Rico Medical Marijuana Sales Move Closer

Show 816-Puerto Rico Medical Marijuana Sales Move Closer

Puerto Rico Medical Marijuana Sales Move Closer, following an executive order by the governor in May 2015, Puerto Rico medical marijuana sales are just months away.

Puerto Rico Medical Marijuana Sales

Puerto Rico, which started drafting its framework in January, could see its first sales under the new program in a matter of months, the general counsel for the U.S. territory’s Department of Health told The Cannabist this week. Considering the timing of approval for cultivation licenses and other pieces falling into place, it’s realistic to think that sales could commence early next year, said Mayra Maldonado, legal adviser to the health department.

The health department has received 21 applications thus far — all but one are for cultivation licenses, she said. Officials expect more manufacturing and dispensary applications to come in the following weeks and months, she added.

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