Oakland Pot Licensing Dilemma

Show 814-Oakland Pot Licensing Dilemma

Oakland’s new medical cannabis laws, intended to right the perceived wrongs of the U.S. war on drugs, are the focus of a fierce political fight at City Hall.

Oakland Pot Licensing

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Although the City Council voted unanimously to approve the laws in May — creating a permit system that will bring Oakland in line with new requirements for regulating the state’s multibillion-dollar cannabis industry — several council members say the system they created is not a done deal.

The main sticking point is a provision that reserves half the city’s medical cannabis permits for residents who were jailed on marijuana convictions in Oakland within the past decade, or who have lived for at least two years within six police beats in East Oakland where pot arrests were concentrated in 2013. To obtain one of these “equity permits,” an applicant must own at least a 50 percent stake in the proposed business.


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