Marijuana Straight Talk Host Becca Williams

Show #789 – Marijuana Straight Talk Host Becca Williams

Marijuana Straight Talk

A chat with the host of Free Speech TV’s “Marijuana Straight Talk”, Becca Willams

Cannabis Radio News

  • COLUMBUS, Ohio (CRN) – Ohioans for Medical Marijuana have announced they are dropping their campaign to pass a medical marijuana constitutional amendment that allows patients to cultivate their own cannabis.
  • NIJMEGEN (NAY-mech-han), The Netherlands (CRN) – The legalization of cannabis by United Nations’ member states does not violate international law, according to a new study by researchers at Radboud University in The Netherlands.
  • CROSSVILLE, Tennessee (CRN) – A 77-year-old candidate for Congress in Tennessee has been busted for a 180-plant cannabis grow inside a barn on her property.
  • SPRINGFIELD, Illinois (AP) – Gov. Bruce Rauner has reversed course on broadening Illinois’ medical marijuana pilot program and is now supporting a plan to extend it roughly two years and add more qualifying health conditions.
  • PORTLAND, Maine (CRN) – A coalition of drug rehab professionals, faith leaders, law enforcement and public health advocates has formed to oppose the initiative to legalize marijuana in Maine.
  • SALEM, Oregon (CRN) – Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has appointed a county prosecutor as the state’s first senior adviser on marijuana policy.

Behind the Headlines

Federal judge denies the lawsuit by Wisconsin Indian tribe over DEA raids on their hemp farms.

Drug War Data Mining

Senior marijuana users tripled while teen marijuana users dropped by a quarter.

Cannabis Cinema

Interview with Becca Williams, host of “Marijuana Straight Talk” on Free Speech TV, seen on DirecTV, Dish Network, and Roku.

Radical Rant

Ohio marches right into the medical marijuana Box Canyon; it could’ve had one of the best legalization laws in the country.

Toker Talk Radio

Steve Elliott, the writer who vehemently opposed Washington’s I-502, predicted exorbitantly-priced marijuana, and swore he’d have nothing to do with the industry it spawned, is now writing puff pieces for a Seattle I-502 store’s $99 ounces.