Drug War, Tool or Cause of Police Racism

Show 828-Drug War, Tool or Cause of Police Racism

Russ discusses the argument of the Drug War as a Tool or Cause of Police Racism. Plus, a Study Shows Why Children Like Marijuana Edibles.

Drug War

A new report from the University of Washington School of Law’s Cannabis Law and Policy Project that identifies the factors that make food attractive to children. Commissioned by the state Liquor and Cannabis Board, the report involved looking at research on what physical elements of food appeal to children and the role that marketing and branding play.

Among the report’s findings:

Color is a key factor in children’s food choices, with red, orange, yellow and green foods preferred
Food in novel shapes such as stars or animals is more appealing to children than food cut into slices or sticks
Children like foods that smell sweet, fruity or like candy
Taste, rather than smell, is a more useful deterrent for children
Odor alone is unlikely to deter children
Cartoon and other promotional characters powerfully influence children’s food preferences
Advertising influences food and beverage choices among children aged 2 to 11, but there is less evidence that teens are swayed by food advertising

Plus we hear from:​

  • Elvy Musikka
  • Former Prosecutor Theresa Smallwood
  • Patrick Siefert and Michael Krawitz with 22 Too Many
  • Dr. Sunil Aggarwal at Seeley Stage
  • Idaho Drug Czar Too Chicken to Debate Live Spews Reefer Madness
  • Nurse Heather from Cannabis Radio