Democratic National Convention 2016 Begins

Show 810-Democratic National Convention 2016 Begins

Editor at Freedom Leaf magazine and columnist Chris Goldstein reports from the Democratic National Convention 2016 in Philadelphia, plus Russ responds to the Democrats Reaction to the DNC Email Leak.
Democratic National Convention 2016
Hackers have released a trove of 20,000 emails stolen from the servers of the Democratic National Committee. Most of the emails showed routine campaign planning among senior DNC officials. The emails show some evidence of unseemly behavior by Democratic Party officials and at least one case where DNC officials discussed trying to undermine the Sanders. That has reopened a long-running debate about whether the DNC — which is supposed to be neutral during a primary campaign — was too favorable toward Hillary Clinton.
Plus,  Cannabis Q&A w/ Dr. Mitch Earleywine on Alzheimers, workplace absenteeism, and THC in the water of Hugo, CO and  a study claims so many more kids are going to hospitals after legalization.