The Scientific Approach To Cannabis

Today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice our host Bethany Moore is joined by Gary Heferle of Nordic Analytical Laboratories. Gary’s background is in analytical science and started off working with stem cells, but has now moved to the cannabis industry with Nordic Analytical Labs. Nordic Analytical Laboratories is based in Denver and is staffed by industry-leading scientists with extensive experience in the analysis of marijuana products.


While working in the testing lab, Gary had to adjust to sample volumes increasing practically overnight. With new businesses popping up constantly, and the addition of new mandates, the sample load has been both challenging and rewarding. Along with the quantity, the quality of products coming through the doors has been amazing to watch. New strains that have better terpene profiles, higher potencies, and products from topicals to bath balms, to distillate-infused rolling papers keeps the day to day routine always changing.