The Next Natural Step In The Evolution In Vaporizing

NCIA’s Bethany Moore is joined by Brendan Gillis from Vapor Slide LLC, the 1,000th member of NCIA earlier in 2017. Vapor Slide is a vaporizing apparatus that fits into the slide of a water pipe. It is used for vaporizing e-liquid, CBD oil, and cannabis oil. With huge rises in the consumption of these substances, Vapor Slide is the next natural step in the evolution in vaporizing. The current market for vaporizers has reached 1.7 billion dollars annually in revenue in the United States, growing exponentially.
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According to Wells Fargo, sales will reach 10 billion by 2017. Moreover, with the emergence of the new medical marijuana states and the full legalization of THC concentrates, it is likely to accelerate this market’s growth. Vapor Slide is positioned to capitalize on this growth and cater towards new and existing users in the market. With Vapor Slide’s signature design, it is first of its kind in this exploding market. With the kind of market growth we have seen and are expecting to see, end users and vendors alike have a great need for new niche products like Vapor Slide.