Perfect Environment For Cannabis Cultivation

Today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice our host is joined by Brandy Keen, Co-founder and Senior Technical Advisor at Surna. She’s driven by a work ethic that was ingrained in her as a child and she’s outstandingly intelligent, but she always makes sure that she’s never the smartest one in the room. Brandy and her husband became a part of Surna after they sold them their water-cooling technology company.

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She is the power behind the company’s sales department and has found her place in the cannabis industry, in a niche where she is certainly making a major impact on agricultural technology! Surna makes perfect environments for cannabis cultivation in a compliant and community-focused way. They talk about her role in the company, plus challenges they face in the ever-blooming cannabis industry. Also In her perspective, she discusses how the cannabis environment differs from other non-cannabis environments.