Oregrown Industries, A Vertically Integrated Cannabis Brand

Today on NCIA Bethany is joined by Aviv Hadar. The outspoken co-founder of Oregrown Industries, a vertically integrated cannabis brand, is a decade-long investor in the world’s largest tech company and comes from a background in digital communications and technology. Hadar was also a founding member of the world’s first million-dollar Kickstarter campaign, which saw over 12,000 backers pledge nearly $1.5 million dollars to bring an innovative smartphone product to life. In 2008, Hadar founded Think Brilliant Media Studios, an award-winning software, and technology company, recently celebrating its tenth year in business—Think Brilliant creators devised the viral “I’m With Coco” campaign, one of the most successful internet memes in history.


Before Aviv launched his company and got involved in legalization efforts in Oregon, he was primarily in the tech sector, working on web development. Bethany asks about if he has a personal relationship with the plant, and what sparked his involvement in the movement and industry. Plus what is his perspective about what’s going on at the federal level in the U.S. and where the industry is going over the next few years.