NCIA Cannabis Business Summit: Analytics And E Commerce Platforms

Today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice we are joined by Peter Vogel, Tamar Moritz, and Socrates Rosenfeld about analytics and E-commerce platforms in the cannabis industry.

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Peter Vogel is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and will be attending NCIA. Peter shares some of the anecdotal insights form both investors and entrepreneurs in the space. LeafWire just unveiled it’s new platform. He speaks about how he wants entrepreneurs and investors that are looking to be part of the network to come and join the platform.

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As a consultant for the cannabis industry, borrowed Tamar’s parents’ house in an exclusive gated community to host the party. She also borrowed their address book, inviting her mom’s cadre of friends most of them in their sixties. BDS Analytics offers a full understanding of the evolving cannabis market. Our Green Edge Retail Sales Tracking, Consumer Insights, and Industry Intelligence divisions work together seamlessly to provide the answers our customers are looking for.

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We learn about what he and his team have learned about the evolution of cannabusiness and the preparation of a future corporatization in the space in the near future. Socrates is a veteran of the U.S. Army and Apache helicopter commander. A graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he tried cannabis for the first time at age 29 to help acclimate him back to the civilian pace of life.