Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative Passes. What’s Next?

What’s next following the passage Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative and its implementation?  Ben Pollara, campaign manager for the United for Care Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative fills us in.

Florida Medical Marijuana



One of the biggest issues facing the Legislature is whether to expand the number of businesses authorized by the state to grow, process and distribute marijuana to an estimated 500,000 patients who would be eligible for the treatment when the amendment goes into effect in January.

Pollara recent spoke in front a State Senate panel and said that the current number of licenses would not meet the expectations of voters or the language of the amendment, which requires health officials to issue “reasonable” regulations regarding medical marijuana.

Since the initiative received more than 70 percent approval in November, “it is more than a fair assessment to say that a vote for Amendment 2 was a vote to expand the market here,” Pollara said.

The six dispensing organizations now authorized to sell medical marijuana were supposed to provide products to an estimated 100,000 patients, Pollara said.

To expect those businesses to serve a consumer base five times greater than anticipated “simply doesn’t make sense.”