From Humboldt to DC: Farmers Who Recognize The Soil Building, Good Genetics, and Organic Principles

NCIA’s Michelle Rutter and Michael Correia are joined by Sunshine Johnston, founder of Sunboldt Grown, which serves the Humboldt community by creating healthy plants, healthy people and healthy land, and strives to serve by building a shared community of farmers who recognize the soil building, good genetics, and organic principles.

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Our second guest is Terra Carver, who is the director of the Humboldt Cannabis Growers Alliance, which is a not-for-profit trade association for cannabis businesses in Humboldt County, whose members include farmers, manufacturers, distributors, transportation, retail, nurseries, and labs. They talk about how they came to be involved with cannabis, and what it’s like to grow up in Humboldt County, as well as discuss Humboldt’s role in legalized cannabis as a whole.