Entrepreneurs For The Cannabis Economy, Cannabis Cultivators, And Excellent Customer Service

Continuing our look back at the NCIA Cannabis Business Summit,  we are joined by Peter Vogel, Tara Croom, Yarrow L Kubrin.


Leafwire CEO Peter Vogel is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor who joins us to talk about his new platform connecting investors and entrepreneurs for the cannabis economy. The platform was recently opened and is attracting hundreds of cannabis companies and investors who are eager to connect. This marketplace is designed to enable the entire cannabis ecosystem to connect, exchange knowledge and opportunities within this emergent space.


Yarrow is the Founder of Special Teams Consulting, is a second generation cannabis cultivator born in San Francisco. His studies included Public Administration at the University of San Francisco. Yarrow is both a qualified equity applicant with permits pending in San Francisco, as well as a cannabis consultant with experience with the social equity applicant programs in Oakland, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Yarrow’s consultancy includes compliance and organizational development to scale both canopy and company. Yarrow has 15 years experience in the real estate industry including a decade as a licensed Realtor specializing in land use and development.


Tara Croom is the Director Of Business Development for Bibbeo Ltd and she is accompanied by Project Manager Jessica Knabe. Bibbeo works with clients to provide hardware procurement, product services, and project management nationwide. With their motivated and talented technicians, they are able to deliver high-quality work that continually satisfies the needs of their customers. Bibbeo is unique in that team members from the owners to the office managers are experienced and trained to perform installations and other product services. This allows every Bibbeo team member to provide a transparent and knowledgeable approach when communicating with clients, as well as the ability to better assist the technicians in the field. This approach provides the entire Bibbeo team the unique ability to provide custom solutions to the client in the event that any issues arise. The company, management, and technicians all focus on providing clients with a high-quality job and excellent customer service.