Cannabis Industry’s Changing Regulations

Cannabis Industry’s Changing Regulations with Michael Cooper, a leading regulatory advisor to the adult-use cannabis industry helping to understand the rule compliance and risks. He is also Vice Chair of NCIA’s State Regulations Committee and also a brand new member of NCIA’s Policy Council. They speak about the complicated and ever-changing regulations in the business, and how to handle them in the day to day operation.  As well as how our actions are being judged, and how important that is for an industry like ours that is a new industry and still federally illegal is being perceived.

Cannabis Industry's Changing Regulations

Michael is also co-founder and managing member of MadisonJay Solutions, founded by executives of a leading provider of compliance solutions for alcohol producers. Drawing on their experience in the alcohol industry as well as legal practice advising companies in a wide range of regulated and non-regulated industries on their compliance systems, MadisonJay helps clients navigate the complex web of ever-evolving regulations that face a nascent industry like adult-use cannabis.

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