Cannabis-Centric CRMs, Insurance In The Cannabis, And Fire Protection As They Apply To The Cannabis industry

Today on Grassroots Marketing we are joined by Mikaela McLaughlin from SpringBig, Stephanie Moriarty, Abe Insurance Principal & Commercial Insurance Broker, and Tim Morse of the Battalion One Fire Protection.

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Talking about Cannabis-centric CRMs and Loyalty with the Business Development Manager at springbig Mikaela McLaughlin. Springbig provides cannabis retailers with the most effective, intuitive, and robust loyalty marketing and communications tools to keep customers coming back more often (and keeping them happy). Through partnerships with some of the leading POS providers in the cannabis space, including Greenbits, Cova, flowhub, Korona, Leaflogix, MJ Freeway and Treez, springbig has worked alongside retailers to send over 12,270 Campaigns and has seen 60,616 rewards redeemed in return. springbig’s dedication and expertise have allowed retailers to see immediate and significant ROIs on their marketing initiatives.


Stephanie is an Insurance agent with a family history of 65 years in the insurance business. Prior to insurance, She spent a decade in the wine business so she can appreciate the world of “vices”.  Account Manager. 10+ years background in Fire Protection/Fire-Life Safety Some basic and some unique aspects of Fire Protection as they apply to the Cannabis industry for growth, extraction, etc. They speak on the basics of Fire-Life/Safety, Specifics of FLS as applied to Cannabis operations. Also how to keep buildings and operations robust performers vs. problems that can surface where codes and ordinances of certain jurisdictions are involved. They speak about Cannabis Business Insurance employment practices liability, product liability & workers comp.