Benefits and What’s Going on at NCIA in The Membership Department

Today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice our host Bethany Moore is joined by Jeremy DePasquale, membership manager for the National Cannabis Industry Association. Jeremy has extensive experience in non-profit membership organizations. The National Cannabis Industry Association was founded on the principle of power in numbers. The thousands of American businesses involved in the state-legal cannabis industries represent a tremendous economic force in this country. As the industry’s national trade association, NCIA works every day to ensure our growing business sector is represented in a professional and coordinated way on the national stage.


Jeremy spent two years with the American Institute of Architects, primarily with the Colorado Chapter, planning their 2013 National Convention in Denver. He has a degree and background in politics, including serving as a campaign scheduler for a mayoral campaign in New York City. Jeremy is originally from upstate New York and lived in Washington, D.C., before relocating to Denver in April 2012. They speak about current and future membership benefits, and what’s going on at NCIA in the membership department.