Prospective Cannabis Licensees And Operators

Today on Mission Supercritical we are Joined by Dr. Jim Parco. Dr. Parco is a professor of economics and business at Colorado College. He is also the founder and co-owner of Mesa Organics, a licensed retail cannabis operation (cultivation, manufacturing, and store) in Pueblo, CO manufacturing CO2 extracts as Purplebee’s. He is also a founding board member of the National Association of Cannabis Businesses.


He actively consults with prospective cannabis licensees and operators in Pennsylvania, California, Arkansas, Louisiana, Vermont, West Virginia, Canada and Colorado. While on active duty with the Air Force, he served on the National Security Council at the White House during the Clinton Administration and later, with the American Embassy in Tel Aviv. He’s a co-author of five books which challenge “thinking deeply about” prevailing paradigms of leadership, diversity, and humans.