Emotional Support Animals And How To Make It Easier with Prairie Conlon

Emotional Support Animals And How To Make It Easier

Emotional Support Animals And How To Make It Easier with Prairie Conlon, Clinical Manager of CertaPet. It’s an unfortunate fact that one-in-four Americans will suffer a mental or emotional disability this year and that only a small fraction will ever seek help. Worse yet, more than 34% of Americans who do seek counseling for mental health issues experience barriers that make it either difficult or impossible to get the care they need. Although the prevalence and severity of America’s mental health crisis can not be understated, it’s no secret that emotional support animals can provide those in need with a tremendous amount of comfort and assistance, and the health benefits of ESAs are very well documented. That’s why CertaPet. provides easy and discreet online access to mental health services for people living with an emotional or psychological disability.

Emotional Support Animals

CertaPet. acts as an online portal to connect patients with licensed mental health professionals who can write them a recommendation for an emotional support animal because our goal is to improve the quality of life for the millions of Americans who may have no other options for care. Prairie is a mother, a wife, and a working professional. She knows first hand what struggling to be a success in all those areas looks like. Prairie has discovered that the only thing that is constant is change and we must continue with the times in order to find our way. She is a clinically trained therapist offering distance counseling in the states of North Carolina, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. Prairie works to address and resolve problems that impair the ability to function well, such as anxiety and depression, as well as helping people achieve their goals by creating motivation for change and developing and implementing a plan.