The Issues With Cannabis Delivery Currently Available For Medical Patients

Today on High On Healthy we are joined by Robert Adelson the CEO of Resolve Digital Health.  Rob has spent over the last two decades at the forefront of technology. With an MBA and 25 years of innovative business leadership experience, Rob is a visionary, strategist and technologist. One of Rob’s greatest passions is observing key market opportunities that are ripe for disruption. In addition to leading Resolve, Rob currently has two books in development related to mindfulness in business, set to be published later in 2018.


Resolve One™ allows for greater patient confidence and consistency. The proprietary solution and cloud-based platform address issues with cannabis delivery currently available for medical patients. The cannabis pod is selected based on the associated medical condition then inserted into the Resolve One™ Inhaler. The patient experience is then tracked through a mobile application with all data is securely stored for sharing with doctors, pharmacists and other caregivers.