Nilla Cox of Nilla Bone Brc and @HealthHempress Suzzette C. Greany

Today on High on Healthy Audrey is joined by two amazing guests Nilla Cox of Nilla Bone Brc and @HealthHempress Suzzette C. Greany


Nilla had dealt with a car accident that left her with, migraines, PTSD, chronic pain fibromyalgia among other symptoms and how CBD has helped her overcome incredible medical issues and has abandoned a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs.

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Also Suzette Greany has have been a successful, professional network marketer in direct sales for over forty years. In the beginning, as a young mother she wanted to be at home with my children to raise them with my values and ideals. Suzette also was career-oriented. Back then, if you wanted to be a home-based business-mom you had basically two options: sell cosmetics or sell Tupperware. Since she was already burping babies, She didn’t want to burp bowls, too. Mrs. Greany chose to go the cosmetics route.They both speak about their journey and how they found their way in the cannabis industry.