Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame, All-Pro NFL kicker, Former White House Staffer, and Public Speaker Nick Lowery

Today on High On Healthy Audrey is joined by Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame, All-Pro NFL kicker, and former White House Staffer, and public speaker Nick Lowery. He is a Seasoned international senior level executive with 10+ years in direct sales and network marketing experience.


Previous positions ranging from managing director for European operations to Sr. Director of Sales where he managed multi-million annum European operation spanning 50 markets. Areas of specialty include sales strategy, product introductions, market expansion and development. Strengths include both back end business operations implementation and direct sales force interface for client success optimization.

Audrey and Nick talk about an array of different topics from his work with the Youth Foundation to the endo-cannabinoid system. They touch on CTE and how cannabis can help as well as how it has already help with people in his former profession. Last they talk about future plans as a new cannabis activist and true philanthropist.