Experiencing Holistic Success And Living Fulfilled Lives

Today on High On Healthy our host Audrey Kurger is joined by Morgan Sheets,  A Certified Holistic Well-Being Coach and Massage Therapist living Well Enterprises, LLC. Morgan is a holistic wellness coach who supports clients to transform the trauma, depression, addiction, frustration, lack of fulfillment and sadness keeping them from experiencing holistic success and living fulfilled, joyful, peaceful lives.


They speak on setting authentic and fulfilling goals and intentions, discovering your own bio-individuality so that you know exactly what to do to nourish yourself body, mind, and spirit and how to transform and manage depression and anxiety naturally. Morgan and Audrey talk about how marijuana can become a crutch that actually keeps some people emotionally stuck and unable to heal and move forward. She is still an advocate of the use of marijuana and also has discovered that it can become a roadblock to personal development and healing with a chronic issue.  It becomes a band-aid that masks, instead of healing.