Education Of The Public On The Benefits Of Medicinal Marijuana

Today on High On Healthy our host Audrey Kerger is joined by The Marijuana Momma Parisa Masouri Rad. The Marijuana Momma is a marketing executive and Cannabis advocate whose experience as the mom of a special needs child propelled her into the industry. When spinal fusion surgery to correct scoliosis left her 15-year-old daughter with a rare, life-threatening condition characterized by chronic abdominal pain, Parisa’s search for palliatives led her to Cannabis.


After witnessing her daughter’s dramatic improvement, Parisa decided to leverage her marketing experience to re-brand the maligned Cannabis industry through ongoing advocacy and education of the public on the benefits of medicinal marijuana. Parisa graduated with honors from New Mexico State University with a Major in Agriculture Business and a Minor in Marketing. She currently serves as Communications Director for both Creative Cannabis Promotions & Women Grow Phoenix Market.