Doctors Are No Longer gods to Her, They Make No Money on Wellness

Today on high on healthy Audrey Kerger is joined by the co-founder of the I-Way Institute Mary Donnelly.  Her story begins more than twenty years later when she woke up from my drug-induced stupor and divorced Big Pharma. Mary’s journey, from that day forward, has been to help others pierce the veil of ignorance, illusion and blind obedience that holds so many of us hostage.  She questions everything now.  Doctors are no longer gods to her.  Mary see’s them as professionals offering symptom relief through pharmacology and surgery.

 Mary Donnelly High resolution photo

If you want symptom relief, drugs or surgery, they may be a good fit and well worth the investment of time and money.  Coming to them for anything else (like wellness) is foolish.  Would you call an electrician for a plumbing problem? Doctors offer what they are trained in.  They are a for-profit industry.  Their business model is based on ILLness and kept solvent by repeat customers.  They are not trained in nutrition.  Their business model is not based on wellness.  They make no money on wellness.  Expecting them to heal us is counter-productive to their business model and their training.