Roger Barbour: Devoted Father Fights For Cannabis

Vivian McPeak chats with Roger Barbour about his determination to fight for her daughters right to be able to use her cannabis oils on school grounds. She uses cannabis oils to reduce her seizures, and he is on a mission to give her the comfort she needs throughout the school day.

The New Jersey resident has many hurdles to jump given the restrictive conditions for medical marijuana use in the state – children are especially challenged to be given any form of the plant.

Roger and Lora Barbour, of Maple Shade, told NJ.Com their daughter Genny Barbour was finally seizure free after a doctor prescribed her cannabis oil, which she took multiple times a day. But the school district determined she could not take the medication on school grounds because that would violate federal laws for drug-free school zones.

The case was taken to the New Jersey high court but was denied, noted.