Progress of The Washington Industrial Hemp Movement

Progress of The Washington Industrial Hemp Movement as Vivian welcomes back Hemp Ace Founder and founder the Washington chapter of the Hemp Industries Association Joy Beckerman.

Washington Industrial Hemp Movement

In the 2014 Farm Bill, Congress approved government-supervised hemp “research.” But it has not taken the final leap and removed hemp plants and viable seeds from the list of controlled substances. Washington controls the seed supply and bans the production of CBD, which is extracted from the flower.

Hemp remains subject to periodic rules, or “statements of principles” by the Drug Enforcement Administration, muddying what is and is not legal.

Right now, the DEA and the hemp industry are battling in court over cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD and sold as a nutritional supplement. According to the hemp industry, CBD is a $100 million-a-year business as mainstream as Costco. According to the DEA, it’s “marijuana extract.”