No On California Prop 64 Argument with Dragonfly De La Luz

Vivian McPeak explores the No On California Prop 64 Argument with Renowned Ganja Critic Dragonfly De La Luz.

No On California Prop 64

In a recent article, De La Luz explains, “Contrary to popular assumption, Prop. 64 states that NONE of the tax revenue from recreational cannabis will go to the General Fund. Instead, all tax revenue would go into the California Marijuana Tax Fund – an enormous slush fund designated solely to financing the massive bureaucracy that Prop. 64 would create. Not only does this create a system ripe for corruption and cronyism, since only Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, expected to head this recreational weed bureau, and his appointees would have the power to decide who receives those millions, but it is in stark contrast to what’s happening in other states that have recreational cannabis.