Let’s Hempresent the Good News

On this special episode of Hempresent, Vivian McPeak chats with CanabisRadio’s own Nurse Heather. Vivian asks Nurse Heather a little bit about her influence in the Cannabis Nurse Association, as well as a peak into her show Good News With Nurse Heather on CannabisRadio.

“Heather began her career as a Registered Nurse by providing home health care services to patients in the Four Corners area of New Mexico, and acquired additional training and experience as a psychiatric nurse. Nurse Heather now enjoys being an occasional guest lecturer on medical cannabis for psychology students who study Drugs, Brain, and Behaviors. Her current position as a Cannabis Nurse Educator, speaker, and writer, requires Nurse Heather to stay up to date with all aspects of cannabinoid medicine; including standards, laws, research, trends, patient care and services,” the ACNA explained.