Fixing America’s Police Through Reform

Norm Stamper activist, former Seattle police chief, and author of To Protect and Serve discusses how fixing America’s police will heal community relations. Norm currently serves as an advisory board member for LEAP, the Law Enforcement Action Partnership. Norm tells us how our current policing has been organized and is set up to fail. He further discusses how the drug war has made our police militarized with tanks, flash bombs, etc and how this disconnect and fear has transformed law enforcement officers to seen as soldiers and not members of the community any longer.

 Fixing America's Police

He tells us that people need to understand how police think and how they can use that to their advantage when handling officers. Norm follows up with explaining how important it is to participate in police operations- including hiring and training, helping local police to set priorities, manage crisis, and informing citizens on how police operate to avoid any catastrophe which leads to joint responsibility that will repair and heal communities.