Australian Medical Marijuana Mother Katrina Spraggon and Kaitlin’s Journey

Katrina Spraggon has been using medical cannabis to treat her daughter Kaitlyn’s refractory epilepsy — a condition so severe her eight-year old child often has to be given CPR after a seizure. She shares her story about Kaitlin’s Journey with Vivian McPeak.

kaitlins journey

Her daughter Kaitlyn has spent 18 months all up in and out of hospital, Kaitlyn has already undergone 3 hip operations, 4 back operations, 100’s of chest X-rays, MRI’s, CT Scans and she is due to have several back operations every 6 months for her scoliosis, she is in severe pain day in and day out due to the severe Scoliosis and is meant to have Endone which knocks her out.