The Potential Utility Of Cannabinoids For Treating AD

Today on Hempire Dr. Eileen Karpfinger is joined by Dr. Ester Aso. Dr. Aso has been working on the potential utility of cannabinoids for treating AD during the last 8 years. She has obtained promising results in animal models of the disease, suggesting that the combination of THC and CBD 1:1 at very low doses might reduce the progression of the disease.


Now Dr. Aso setting up a phase II clinical trial funded by the Alzheimer’s Association (USA) with Sativex in patients in the very early stages of the AD (mild cognitive impairment). She still has no date to the start of the recruitment period but hopes it will be completed during 2018. It will be a small trial, with only 60 patients, but will give her primarily information about the safety and tolerability of this drug in this specific population and, secondly, some evidence about its efficacy in halting the progression of the disease.