Frenchy Cannoli, Cannabis Resin Consultant, Educator & Writer

In Europe, cannabis is much more commonly consumed in hash form, not the flower form which is the most familiar here in the U.S. But that’s all changing, thanks to a little help from our guest today. Frenchy Cannoli is a cannabis resin expert, educator and writer who is bringing artisan-quality hash to the forefront of the American cannabis scene.

Frenchy has been making hash for over 40 years, perfecting a rare style of hash-making he learned as a young man in the Parvati Valley, living in caves amongst the Hashishin of India. Now he is the official Hashishin for Aficionado Seeds, a Mendocino County- based seed company promoting boutique cannabis. He’s also been active with the Emerald Growers Association, working to create a “hash-makers’ guild” — and to do what he can to preserve the outdoor cannabis growing tradition in Northern California.