Kyle Kushman Interviews Danny Danko on Growth, Support, the State of the Marijuana Industry

Kyle interviews Danny Danko Cultivation Editor at High Times about the state of the marijuana industry.

The two discuss the growth of industry in recent years. Large grow room in the old days were in basements with a small setup of grow lights compared to the modern grow rooms of today.

Large creates problems of heat and energy use, as well as accountants who track spend over in some cases quality. Increased personal growing as more states legislate medical marijuana despite the vagaries of individual state laws.

The opening of states has seen a major growth in personal growth creating an almost craft level of growing. Both Kyle and Danny support the individual grower’s rights and the cultivation of quality and efficient use of resources when growing. The environment should be considered when growing whether in small or large settings. Lowering our carbon footprint in the process is important.

Why Now Has The Support for Marijuana Reached Such Highs?

The seniors of today come from a generation that is more accepting, shifting popular opinion. The safety of the plant as used for medicinal purposes is now more recognized is becoming known through better education and research.

What Is Happening In New Growth and Products?

Danny as the curator of The Top Ten Strains at High Times – sees more high CBD strains, along with increasing THC levels, in the newer strains.

Dabbing and concentrates have grown in popularity – great explanation of them by Kyle – and are being used in the medical space – “easier to take a dab or two than smoking a whole joint”. Danny recommends starting with flowers and build to using dabs, but recognizes most makers are amateurs and are not the best at controlling levels of medicine in the concentrates they make.

Has the era of smoking a joint coming to an end?

Danko does not see that happening despite the use of vapes and edibles and concentrates. There are no rules to smoking a joint, Kyle notes, “except have plenty of munchies handy” and “pass to the left” Danny added. But how to use concentrates and vaping comes with rules of how to do it etc.

Danny urges people to get involved with support groups, to vote and make that vote count. Share information, help educate others about the benefits of medical marijuana.

Grow Tip of The Week

Room temperature for brooding clones is too cold.

Put a heating pad under your cloning tray – set to 72-75 degrees – after you water for the first time set pad to max as it will take time to heat it up – do for 12-24 hours and takes days off propergating clones. Rooting clones need more than room temperature – that is too cold. Key to strong cuttings is keeping plants happy and that means warmth.

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