Compassionate Cultivation

Kyle Kushman is joined by “Oaky Joe” Munson, Medical Cannabis Cultivator and Activist and Collective Operator, today on The Grow Show. Oaky Joe cultivates medical cannabis for those in need for free. Unfortunately, Joe has had several run-ins with the law. Kyle chats with Joe about some of the times he has been arrested, and helps get the word out for his charitable acts in cannabis for those in need.

Compassionate Cultivation

Joe Munson, known as Oaky Joe to those who know and love him, is a compassionate cultivator and collective operator in Sonoma County, California.

His donation, which some consider unorthodox, is literally priceless: Oaky Joe cultivates medical cannabis for those in need…for free. No dollars, no donations, no strings, no nothing. Joe acts as a sort of angel dispenser, ensuring his patients always have the medicine they need to survive at zero cost to them.

He’s been hauled to jail multiple times in his past 10 years as a charitable, non-profit, LEGAL cultivator. Local DAs have tried to nail him for 20+ felonies, but there had been one magnificent flaw in their cases against him: HE’S INNOCENT.

Every case filed against him to date has been dismissed due to the fact that Joe has been growing in full compliance…and yet the medicinal losses continue to climb into the thousands of pounds. Where is the justice for the PATIENTS?

Listen in as Kyle Kushman interviews the infamous and beloved Oaky Joe on The Grow Show. As always…stay lifted, friends!