Rohrabacher Urges Lawmakers to Keep Medical Marijuana Protections

Today on Green Rush our hosts are joined by California congressman Dana Rohrabacher about the legalization of Cannabis and the laws moving forward in the United States. Rohrabacher and Earl Blumenauer, D-OR, led a bipartisan group of lawmakers urging House and Senate leadership to continue state medical marijuana protections in any legislation to fund the government beyond Dec. 8, 2017. The Rohrabacher-Blumenauer provision prevents the Department of Justice from interfering with state medical marijuana laws. Rep. Rohrabacher said he hopes to convince Attorney General Jeff Sessions that good people do indeed sometimes smoke pot.


But if he can’t, the Republican congressman from Costa Mesa said he’ll see his longtime friend in court. He co-authored the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, which has blocked the Department of Justice since 2014 from spending money on medical marijuana prosecutions in states where cannabis is legal. That amendment became even more crucial once President Donald Trump appointed Sessions, who has said “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” sparking concerns of a renewed federal crackdown on state-legal dispensaries.