Honey River and Civilized Worldwide Inc.

Today on Grass Roots Marketing Khaliko is Joined by the owner of Honey River Scott Struble, and Derek Riedle the Founder and Publisher of Civilized Worldwide Inc.


Scott Struble: Honey River was founded by Scott’s wife and myself. I worked as an aerospace machinist and grew cannabis for her to help with her autoimmune disease. After learning about solventless oil extraction and breaking her hair straightener, a I machined my first set of platens and Honey River was born. We decided to call the company Honey River since that’s what it looked like when the oils were running out of the platens and down the parchment paper. They love offering many options that will allow you to personalize your kit. I truly enjoy bringing your ideas to life and building you a one of a kind high quality setup that you can be proud of.


Derek Riedle: He is the founder and publisher of Civilized – a media company that speaks to motivated, productive adults who choose to enjoy cannabis as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle, but do not define themselves by it. He approaches life with wide-eyed curiosity and a gut feeling for what people want before they know they want it. Derek has crafted the message and shaped the story of leading companies and winning political campaigns across North America. He founded strategic communications agency, Revolution Strategy and is the co-creator of Real Houses of… a television series showcasing some of the most interesting homes in North America and the personalities behind them.