Cannabis Innovation

Cannabis Innovation with Manny Montano, Director of Innovation, Banana Bros., LLC. Banana Bros., a company committed to modernizing the herb industry by bringing innovative, tech-savvy products to the market, has launched a new product that is answering an age-old question that has stumped users for years: “So who’s rolling?” Introducing OTTO by Banana Bros.: an innovative, ‘smart’ motorized grinder. With just the touch of a button, both new and seasoned herb users can enjoy the perfect smoke in whatever your smoke of choice. This high-tech, all-in-one cone-making device elevates the experience through unprecedented ease of use, portability and ‘smart’ technology. By activating the device’s single-use button, OTTO by Banana Bros. is designed with artificial intelligence to gently mill buds to uniform perfection and then neatly fill Banana Bros. premium raw fiber cones in just seconds: No mess, no wasted greenery. Unlike traditional hand grinders that crush buds, damage trichomes and become easily jammed, OTTO by Banana Bros.’ patent-protected milling technology system communicates directly with the motor and blade, senses resistance to the milling blades and adjusts appropriately, resulting in evenly processed herb with superior flavor, consistency, and smoking experience.

In a phrase, it makes ‘the perfect cone.’ Founded in 2017 by CEO Dave Richmond and Director of Innovation Manny Montano, Banana Bros., LLC brings elevated, smart solutions to market that provide herb users with high-quality ancillary products with unprecedented precision and simplicity. A company based in the heart of Los Angeles, Banana Bros. represents a diverse community of herb users from all different walks of life. The company is committed to modernizing the industry by bringing innovative, tech-savvy products to the market, leveraging over 20 years’ experience in creating some of the world’s most popular consumer electronics brands. For more information, please visit